Client Events


It was fantastic. We moved them out of the back room into the main room so higher visibility and take up. Service was fantastic. guys had massage; ladies had nails. Very happy indeed”

– Peabody Trust

Chair massage Reflexology Event massage Event massage
Our treatments will add to the feel good factor for your brand.

✔ Marketing events
✔ Trade events
✔ Sponsorship events
✔ Client events

“Everyone was so happy and loved the massages!”

Treatments at your event will:

✔ Relax clients and increase receptivity
✔ Increase feel good factor for your brand
✔ Improve brand recall
✔ Increase footfall
✔ Connect with clients
✔ Create a positive environment
✔ Create a buzz

Choose from a range of event services. Based on experience we recommend:

✔ Chair massage (oil free)
✔ Hand Massage
✔ Head/ neck massage (oil free)

These treatments are:

✔ suitable for all events and locations, indoors or outdoors
✔ suitable for both sexes

“The massages went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it! – Outi, IFM Investors